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St. Martinville, Louisiana

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Yellow Labrador Puppies For Sale at Prize My Eyes Labrador Retrievers

Labrador Retriever litter of all yellow puppies born June 21st, 2014.
Please scroll down to see puppies and their parents.

Choose your Special Labor Day Labrador Puppy
created by Labor of Love and made in the USA!

Two yellow Labrador female puppies available, please scroll down for pictures.
Yellow Female Lab Pup | Pink Gold Ribbon | Available     Yellow Female Lab Puppy | Pink Gold Ribbon | Available
Yellow Female Lab Puppy | Pink Gold Ribbon | Available
Photos taken August 17th, 2014.

Labrador Pup Female | Orange Ribbon | Available     Labrador Puppy Female | Orange Ribbon | Available
Labrador Puppy Female | Orange Ribbon | Available
Photos taken 8/17/2014 at 8 weeks old.
Orange Ribbon | Available
Orange Ribbon | Available

All Yellow Labrador Puppy Litter born June 21st, 2014 with
five females and four males out of:
Prize My Eyes Foxy Tuffy
Prize My Eyes Foxy Tuffy
 Prize My Eyes Foxy Tuffy | Yellow Lab Female
Prize My Eyes Foxy Tuffy | Yellow Lab Female
OFA Good on Hips | OFA Normal on Elbows
CERF Clear on Eyes | CHIC 62758

Dam's Awesome Pedigree includes Champions and Imported Labradors:

2 x NAFC, FC, 2 x CNAFC Ebonstar Lean Mac, WCX (CANADA)
* Hall of Fame Labrador Retriever *
FC, AFC Fordland's Bored Out Ford | FC, AFC Hilltop's Hayseed
Seay's Lucky Thirteen, MH | CNFC, CNAFC Waldorf's High Tech (CANADA)
FC, AFC Jazztime | FC, AFC Black Gold's Kate's Rascal
FC Kodiak of Sunnyburke | Seay's Brown Bear, MH
Irish Mocha Mint VI, MH | Ebonaceae Princess, WCX
CFC Rascal's Super Spud | Trieven El Conquistador (CANADA)
Skookum's Sky Raider (CANADA) | AFC Trieven Classical Jazz
FC, AFC Lakeridge's Charlemagne | AFC Black Golds Candlewood Kate
FC, AFC Trumarc's Zip Code | FC, AFC Ms Mischief's Magic Marker
FC Ombaun's Raucous Riley | AFC Riverbend's Bo Jangles
Candlewood's Stormy Bear, MH | Nickel's Texas Princess, SH
NFC, FC, AFC San Joaquin Honcho | NAFC, FC, AFC River Oak's Rascal
FC, AFC Candlewood's Nellie B Good | FC, AFC Trieven Thunderhead
NAFC, FC, AFC Ray's Rascal | FC, AFC Itchin' To Go
FC, AFC Air Express | FC, AFC Trumarc's Raider
NFC, NAFC, FC, AFC Super Chief | FC Martens Black Powder Kate
FC Anzac Of Zenith (CANADA) | MN Tex's PDQ, SH
NFC, FC Abe's Ebony And Ivory | FC, AFC Webshire's Honest Abe
 FC Frst Down Dash | FC, AFC Wilderness Harley To Go
Dust Devil's Desert Duk, MH | FC, AFC Ms. Mischief's Magic Marker
FC, AFC Jubilashus T C Malarky | FC, AFC Itchin To Go
AFC Black Golds Candlewood Kate | FC, AFC McGuffy
NFC, FC, AFC San Joaquin Honcho | FC, AFC Jonas Abraham Malarky
FC, AFC Snake Eyes - Double or Nothin'

and sire:
Prize My Eyes Snowy Rivers Whiteout | Labrador Retriever Male
Prize My Eyes Snowy Rivers Whiteout | Labrador Retriever Male
Prize My Eyes Snowy Rivers Whiteout | Labrador Male
Prize My Eyes Snowy Rivers Whiteout | Labrador Male
Preliminary X-Ray Good Hips | Normal Elbows | EIC Clear

Five Generation Pedigree for "Gus" Includes Champions:

Ch Dovetails Walk Not Run | Ch Dovtails Walk The Walk
Ch East Hill Fergus | Ch Castlewood Just Do It
Thackervill's Waterdog Duke, JH | Ch Visions The Life of Riley
Ch Dovetail Longwood Marigold | Ch Windfall's Pipe Major
Ch Boradors Sugar Foot | Ch Pine Edge Tai Mai Macadamia
Ch Langshott Gale Force From Kimvalley | Ch Catch Me If You Can
Ch Grandquest Caesar's Palace GW | Crickethollow's Sir Bosworth, MH


Accepting Reservations | Shipping Available by Air or Courier Service

Reservation Deposit for a Prize My Eyes Labrador Retriever Puppy
may be paid with Cash, Check, Wire Transfer or via PayPal:


Lab Pups bred with 30 years of expertise.

Please visit Litters Due for information on all upcoming Labrador Retriever litters.


Yellow Labrador Puppies are born with pink pigment which means pink noses and pads of their feet. These will gradually turn to black and should be per the Labrador Retriever Standard. Yellow Lab Pups are also born with their eyes and ears sealed shut so they must use their nose to find their mama since they can not see or hear. Both the eyes and ears begin to open up at about two weeks of age. Their eye color is initially blue but will darken to brown in time. Yellow Labrador Retriever Puppies eyes are weak when they first open so they can not see for much distance until their eyes strengthen with age and growth.

As a professional Yellow Labrador Breeder, I carefully study pedigrees to determine which two Lab parents would produce the most spectacular yellow Labrador puppies taking into account all their ancestors back six generations. Strong structure, good bone density, proper top line, correct and balanced shoulder and rear leg angulations, as well as exceptional temperament and the breed signature otter tail are of utmost importance in breeding an exquisite Labrador Retriever.

Obviously, breeding a superior Yellow Labrador Puppy is very important to me as a Lifetime Member of The Labrador Retriever Club, Inc. which is the national breed club in America. Members of The Labrador Retriever Club have had input into the wording of the Labrador Retriever Standard which is adopted by The American Kennel Club.

Prize My Eyes Lab Pups boast a pedigree full of Labrador ancestors who have achieved Championships for ability to learn and listen which equates to easy training proven by accomplishments.  Calm and steady with lots of heart and strong, healthy structure coupled with professional upbringing offers you the best investment.  Pups nurtured with the greatest start in life guarantee you a quality relationship for many years to come.

Iíve had the pleasure of many repeat buyers over the years due to the outstanding qualities of Yellow Labrador Puppies that are produced through careful selection and vast knowledge of the breed at Prize My Eyes Labradors.  I welcome you to meet my Labrador Puppies online or in person and offer you the opportunity to own a superior specimen of the breed.


Barley of Aspen, Colorado out of Prize My Eyes Louisiana Blitz
Barley of Aspen, Colorado
out of Prize My Eyes Louisiana Blitz


Prize My Eyes
Professional Breeder of Labrador Puppies

Quality Working, Show, Obedience and Companion Labrador Retrievers
Pedigrees & Guarantee Available Upon Request

Labrador Puppies have show or field champion pedigrees
from England, United States, Canada and Australia.

Kakie Moore (Kathryn S. Moore) - Owner
Toll Free: 888-845-9982 | Phone/Fax: 337-845-9982
Cell: 337-319-7682 | St. Martinville, Louisiana
Shipping Available

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