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Labrador Retriever History

The Labrador is believed to have originated on the island of Newfoundland, now part of the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. The breed is not indigenous to the Newfoundland area nor is there evidence that they accompanied early Inuit settlers. It emerged over time from the St. John's Water Dog (also known as the St. John's dog, no longer in existence), a crossbreed of native water dogs and the Newfoundland dog (to which the Labrador is closely related), through ad-hoc breeding by early settlers in the mid to late 15th century. The original forebearers of the St. John's have variously been suggested to be crossbreeds of the black St. Hubert's hound from France, working water dogs from Portugal, old European pointer breeds and dogs belonging to the indigenous peoples of the area. Two breeds emerged; the larger Newfoundland used for hauling, and the smaller short-coat retrievers used for retrieval and pulling in nets from the water. The Lab is of the latter type.

The St. John's area of Newfoundland was settled by the English. Local fishermen originally used the St. John's dog (or early Labs) to assist in bringing nets to shore; the dog would grab the floating corks on the ends of the nets and pull them to shore. A number of these were brought back to the Poole area of England in the early 1800s, then the hub of the Newfoundland fishing trade, by the gentry, and became prized as sporting and waterfowl hunting dogs. A few kennels breeding these grew up in England; at the same time a combination of sheep protection policy (Newfoundland) and rabies quarantine led to their gradual demise in their country of origin.

The first and second Earls of Malmesbury, who bred for duck shooting on his estate, and the 5th and 6th Dukes of Buccleuch, and youngest son Lord George William Montagu-Douglas-Scott, were instrumental in establishing the Labrador breed in nineteenth century England. The dogs Avon ("Buccleuch Avon") and Ned given by Malmesbury to assist the Duke of Buccleuch's breeding program in the 1880s are usually considered the ancestors of all modern Labradors.

Yellow Labrador Puppies Image

Yellow Labrador Newborn Puppies.  All Yellow Lab Puppies are born with pink pigment,

their eyes and ears closed.  Their pigment will gradually turn to black as their eyes and

ears open at about twelve days old.


Prize My Eyes
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Labrador Puppies have show or field champion pedigrees
from England, United States, Canada and Australia.

Kakie Moore (Kathryn S. Moore) - Owner
Cell: 337-319-7682 | St. Martinville, Louisiana

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