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Prize My Eyes Labrador Retriever Puppies

Chocolate and Black Lab Puppies
Picture of newborn Labrador Puppies


Lab Pups boast a pedigree full of Labrador ancestors who have achieved Championships for ability to learn and listen which equates to easy training proven by accomplishments.  Calm and steady with lots of heart and strong, healthy structure coupled with professional upbringing offers you the best investment.  Pups nurtured with the greatest start in life guarantee you a quality relationship for many years to come.

Yellow Lab puppies appear on the majority of TV and magazine ads because their expressions are easier to photograph than the darker colors. The yellows range from almost white to a deep gold that is referred to as fox red. Currently the yellow Lab puppies are the most popular due to their presence in advertising.

Chocolate Lab puppies are no different than black or yellow when they are well bred.  We have chocolates that have excelled in many different disciplines.  The color of chocolate puppies can range from a very deep dark chocolate to more of a red auburn shade.

Black Lab puppies are what is considered the traditional color. Some view black puppies as the more regal look of the three colors. Blacks can have either a very shiny black coat or more of a matte finish - either is gorgeous.

Chocolate, Yellow, and Black are the only three accepted Labrador Retriever colors by The Labrador Retriever Club and American Kennel Club as listed on an AKC registration for a Labrador puppy.  Any 'designer 'color that deviates from these can only be produced by cross breeding with another breed other than a properly bred, pure Labrador Retriever.


Everyone loves puppies. They deserve all the love, attention and affection we provide for the best start in the world which includes extensive research and knowledge into which of the top bloodlines to blend together. The total animal is considered prior to each breeding: sound structure, steady and trainable temperaments. It’s imperative to have a strong foundation to build from whether your goal is a superb working dog or an awesome companion dog.

The next stage after all our valuable input into the breeding of magnificent Labradors is their new owners.  Lab puppies are a clean slate and don't know right from wrong so you need to teach them manners, input time and expertise to reap ten to fifteen years of a quality companion or working dog.

Lab pups thrive in a scheduled environment – certain time for meals enables their digestive system to eliminate on schedule.  Discipline.  Keep training fun and puppies will learn… they don’t have a long attention span but if you make training a game then they are learning without knowing.  In other words, make them sit before putting their food down... they are learning to sit. Learn how to train from a Labrador mother… she has a strong tail and when she is standing, wagging that tail at full speed… four week old puppies figure out to sit in a perfect semi circle out of range of her tail.  Puppies are very intelligent and training is a breeze when you apply common sense.

Well bred Labrador puppies love to please… show them the way and they will work their heart out to achieve.  Invest in the best and reap many years of rewards with an exquisite partner who possesses superior intelligence, strong build, striking appearance and fantastic health. It's much less expensive both monetarily and time wise to own a healthy Lab that only requires once a year shots versus one that needs multiple trips to the vet to simply remain comfortable.


Airplane rides for pups are safe, simple, and cost effective. Our Lab pup obtains a health certificate from a state certified veterinarian within ten days of flight. On the day of travel pup is placed in a well-ventilated airline transport kennel/crate approved by the airlines and received by a special division of the airlines.  Pup is placed on board just minutes prior to departure, and travels in a temperature controlled, pressurized area of the aircraft.  As a lifelong breeder and trainer of Labrador Retrievers and German Shepherds... I can honestly say that all well bred animals of these two breeds have no problems with airline travel.  They view the entire episode as an adventure.  I personally would not want a dog that had difficulty with flying or riding in a vehicle which is why I breed sane dogs that take all in stride.

Cost:  Shipping through the airlines is a prudent method to have your puppy arrive safe and sound. The total cost of transporting your puppy is about $360.00 – cost is dependent on airline fuel charges at the present time.

Above cost includes:

  • Interstate Health Certificate issued by a state certified veterinarian which is required within ten days of pups travel and pups must be 8 weeks old prior to airline travel

  • Airline approved transport kennel or crate.

  • First class special pet airfare on the airline that services your region.

There is also a Courier Service available to pick up the puppy and deliver them to your door for $300.00 east of the Rockies and $400.00 west.


Prize My Eyes
Professional Breeder of Labrador Puppies

Quality Working, Show, Obedience and Companion Labrador Retrievers

Pedigrees & Guarantee Available Upon Request

Labrador Puppies have show or field champion pedigrees
from England, United States, Canada and Australia.

Kakie Moore (Kathryn S. Moore) - Owner
Toll Free: 888-845-9982 | Phone/Fax: 337-845-9982
Cell: 337-319-7682 | St. Martinville, Louisiana
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